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                        BIMA Electronic Medical Newsletter & Portal
                                               *-$75 ANNUALLY-*




1. The BIMA Medical Newsletter & Web Portal is a VOLUNTARY subscription service to our medical newsletter, email/web portal subscription, and other future services including virtual office visits.  These services are currently not reimbursed to us by your insurance which is why we have placed a small yearly fee to cover our costs to providing these services to you.   

- The BIMA Medical Newsletter is a subscription based service that will allow us to send wellness tips, comments on medical information in the news and also allow you the patient to be an active participant in your care from the comfort of your home or office.


- For our web portal, we use a certified electronic medical record software that allows us to have private, HIPPA compliant, two way communication with you for all of your medical needs. It allows you to request appointments, medication refills, specialist referrals, and follow up questions from appointments.

 *Access to the portal does not give you online free range access to your electronic chart. However, since the portal is a secure site our staff will be happy to email you copies of specific records at your request.


2. All of the above services require a $75 fee to be paid annually if you wish to subscribe.  Your fee may be paid in the office at the time of your appointment, by calling our Medical Concierge or may be paid directly via credit card after you officially sign up for the service with the web link below.

3. The BIMA staff will be UNABLE to see and/or respond to any appointment requests, medication refills, or two way messaging until after you have paid your yearly $75 subscription fee.  You may select the "Ask a Biller" option on the patient portal at any time if you have questions regarding the status of your subscription.

4. Subscriptions paid IN PERSON in the office will be immediately activated and can be used as soon as you create your account by clicking the link below.  Subscriptions paid ON-LINE will require 1 business day for processing and you will be notified via the portal/e-mail when your account is active.

5. Currently all web portal responses from our office will be handled during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8 am - 5 pm although you may access your portal account 24 hours a day through our web site.  If there is an emergency after these hours please dial 911 or contact the on-call physician at (205) 930-4330.

6. If you do not wish to sign up for the BIMA Electronic Medical Home Newsletter & Portal then we will of course still be providing the full range of access to our clinic including appointments and full access to our phone system for all of your other needs.  No preference will be given to any form of personal, electronic, or written communication with our office based upon your decision to sign up for this service.



The sending and/or receiving of the e-mail request DOES NOT establish a doctor-patient relationship nor does it serve as doctor-patient communication where that relationship has been established. There can be no guarantee that your e-mail will be received or acted on in any way. If you have a medical question or need to obtain information from anyone associated with our practice, you should contact us via telephone or in person rather than by email. Additionally, Birmingham Internal Medicine Associates, P.C., and its physicians DO NOT give advice to patients or potential patients via e-mail.