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Medicine Associates, PC


Mountain View

BIMA is now offering our BIMAfit Weight Loss Clinic.

We are now pleased to offer a physician directed weight loss program. Because weight gain is both a medical and physical concern, we have started our BIMA weight loss clinic. We are offering physician's consult and exam, weekly injection of Lipotropic Fat Burning Vitamins, and weekly assessments of your weight. In addition we are following numerous body metrics including BMI, hip/waist measurements and ratios, percent body fat, and additional bariatric assessments. For those patients who medically qualify, we are instituting oral appetite suppressants to assist further with one's weight loss goals. If this is the case, further testing may be required (lab assessments, ekg etc).

Initial Patient Consult (non BIMA patients) - $285.00

Initial Patient Consult (established BIMA patients) - $230.00

Patient Consults with Physician - $35.00

(once a quarter for patients receiving injections only)

(once a month for patients receiving injections and medications)

Lipotropic B12 - $15.00

Lipotropic Accelerator - $20.00

Lipotropic Booster - $30.00