BIMAfit Revitalized

Initial Consult - $299.00

Monthly Consult - $35.00

BIMAfit Individualized Treatment Plan

A BIMAfit weight loss program looks at the individual patient to create a personal plan for success. Whether you have a specific goal in mind that has motivated your weight loss or you want to lose weight to improve your health, our customized approach is designed to promote proper nutrition and deliver exceptional results. Your BIMAfit Expert will monitor your progress weekly and help you continue your success until you reach your healthy weight.

Your personalized program includes

  1. Nutrition: A customized nutritional profile of lean proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates.

  2. Hydration: Proper fluid intake, which is vital to the efficient functioning of your body.

  3. Exercise: An appropriate combination of cardio fitness, muscle toning and flexibility.

  4. Supplements: To support overall health and wellness while you achieve weight loss, supplements are available, including lipotropic injections. These are administered during a scheduled weekly visit with your BIMAfit Expert, where he or she will also answer your questions, record your weight and measurements, and review your progress with you.

Appetite Suppressant

On an individual basis, the physician may determine the addition of an appetite suppressant. If this is the case, further testing may be required. In addition to the appetite suppressant, BIMA recommends a nutritional profile of lean proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates along with consuming six 20oz bottles of water a day.

  • Follow up with Physician

    • A visit is required with a BIMA provider monthly to review your progress and renew prescriptions.

Healthy Living

The goal is not a short-term change but a long-term change to allow you a healthier and fuller life. Each week there will be small additions to your exercise regimen and nutritional plan. The goal is to introduce life changes and then progress them up to a level that will produce permanent results.