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April 2020 BIMA Newsletter

Preventive Health While we are following physical distance guidelines it is a perfect time to schedule your Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) with your doctor. Many of the insurance plans have allowed telehealth to take place not only for follow-ups but also for annual wellness visits (AWV). Think of this physical as "preventive maintenance," much like you have done on your car every few thousand miles. By having important health conversations, a physical exam and preventive screenings performed, you can avoid catastrophic "breakdowns." If you have an upcoming appointment don't worry our office is contacting patients daily to verify your upcoming appointment and walk you through the necessary steps to have an in-person visit or a virtual visit (VOV). For more details on how to prepare for your BIMAeClinic (telehealth) visit see below.

Telehealth (BIMAeClinic- Virtual Office Visit)

To learn more about our BIMAeClinic options you can go to our website or simply click here. Once you have a schedule virtual office visit (VOV) you will receive an email. This email is very important as it sets you up on our virtual care platform. Please make sure you bookmark this site. On the day of your appointment please click into this site 20 minutes prior to your appointment. It is also very important to be on WiFi and also to have updated your ios device to the latest software (phone/tablet) or have rebooted your computer and updated all your software. Click here for an easy to follow one-pager on BIMAeClinic once you have booked your appointment.

Best of Vestavia (DUE APRIL 15th) Do you believe your doctor is the best general practitioner in Vestavia? If you do, we hope you'll take 90 seconds to vote by clicking here. You will then vote by finding the category "Health and Wellness" under the "Best Medical Office" tab. Thank you for voting!


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