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COVID-19 Update - March 13, 2020

The World Health Organization has now declared the outbreak of the respiratory disease known as COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) as a pandemic and a public health emergency. At this time, there have been no known patients in any Complete Health facilities, including BIMA, who have been infected with this virus. Knowing this, our goal is to ensure your safety and preparedness, as new reports of the virus unfold daily, including in the southeastern United States. Below are some steps actively being taken to prevent exposure to the virus in our facilities.

  • Our in-person walk-in clinic has been temporarily suspended and replaced with our virtual option. If you have a fever or respiratory symptoms, please utilize this option by visiting our website, We have reduced the cost of this service to $30. For information on how to initiate a virtual office visit, instructions can be found at that link. This allows us to ensure that you are in close contact with your doctor when you need them while preventing unnecessary exposure to the virus.

  • We have implemented a host / hostess who is greeting and screening all patients and guests arriving at BIMA to direct them to the appropriate area.

  • For information about how to personally protect yourself and prevent the spread of the virus, visit the News section of our website, found at Here is where you will find updated information about the virus, and the actions being taken by the practice to prevent exposure and spread of COVID-19.

Our goal is to secure a safe and healthy environment for your continued care. If you have a regularly scheduled follow-up or wellness visit currently scheduled with your physician, at this time it remains unchanged. Any changes to regularly scheduled appointments will be communicated to you personally via patient portal or telephone call.

We are asking all patients with respiratory illness or fever to complete a virtual office visit and isolate themselves.

If you are seeking testing for COVID-19, BIMA does not have the ability to test, and recommends that you visit one of the “drive-thru” testing facilities put in place by Assurance labs in the Birmingham area. These can be found at the Assurance Health Building at 2868 Acton Road, Birmingham, as well as 727 Memorial Drive in Bessemer.

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