• BIMA

BIMA is now offering Virtual Office Visits

BIMA’s walk-in clinic is going virtual-only to protect patients from potential exposure from COVID-19. To access a Virtual Office Visit (VOV), at a cost of $30, follow the steps below:

  • Log on to (or create) your patient portal account at

  • Select the MESSAGES option and then COMPOSE MESSAGE.

  • Under the PROVIDER section select Virtual Office Visit (VOV). You must use a computer to see a full listing of providers in order to select VOV.

  • You may then send a detailed message explaining your symptoms to the provider on call.

  • This provider will evaluate your symptoms and, if deemed medically appropriate, make recommendations or provide prescriptions for your condition to your pharmacy we have on file.

  • If you feel you need more immediate medical attention, we encourage you to call the office directly or dial 911 for any acute medical emergency.