Offering A Wide Range of Primary Care Services in Birmingham

The best primary care doctors focused on quality outcomes

With an approach that is holistic in nature, we believe in treating our patients and clients in a manner that doesn’t only treat ailments and diseases but also enables them to thrive and flourish in their health.


Located in One-Nineteen Health and Wellness’ state-of-the-art facility on Cahaba Valley Road, we are able to offer easy access to laboratory and diagnostic imaging studies on-site, and often same-day testing is available. 


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Primary Care

We listen to our patients and answer their questions. Whether you're healthy, sick or living with a chronic condition, we provide whole-person care to support your individual needs. 

Same Day Sick Visits

Wellness Exams Focused on Prevention

Women's Health

Work/School Physicals

D.O.T. Exams

& Imaging

We strive to diagnose the underlying condition when you are sick and to use testing for early detection and prevention of illness.

X-Ray On-Site

Ultrasound Testing

Non-Invasive Vascular Testing

Sutures, Cryotherapy, Biopsies

EKG for heart testing

Pulmonary function tests for lung testing

Diabetic Retinal Eye Exam

Laboratory Services

We have lab services on site that we are able to utilize for an accurate and timely diagnosis when you are sick. We offer lab appointments for your convenience so you can have your labs drawn and processed by the care team that knows you!

Clinical Research

Clinical trials are ongoing for a variety of conditions such as migraines, diabetes, COPD and many others. Studies may offer free medication and payment for your time as well as study related medical visits at no cost.


Our practice provides physicals for an assortment of reasons, whether it's the start of the new school year, or they're prepping for the upcoming sports season.

  • School physicals & camp physicals

  • Sports physicals

  • D.O.T physicals